Thursday, August 2, 2007

Odds and Ends #7 (One From The Heart)

ONE FROM THE HEART has gone from being one of Nastassja's most infamous films to simply one of her most famous. Fantoma's incredible dvd set went a long way in restoring this film to its proper status as one of the most important, if flawed, of the eighties.
A lot of promotional material exists for this film and its re-release from a few years ago. Many different poster designs have been used, some I have utilised here in these posts. I have also attempted to show a small sampling of the many lobby cards and promotional stills that exist for the film.Ebay and online sites like Movie Goods are always a good place to start in looking for this kind of material.
Very desirable are a handful of magazines with the most prominent being an issue of American Cinematographer that is almost entirely dedicated to the shooting of ONE FROM THE HEART. I am supplying a scan of its cover.

Nastassja was a major international star at this point and her image was appearing on dozens upon dozens of covers at this point, including some highly collectible Vogue magazines as well as the one pictured above.
ONE FROM THE HEART remains a very valuable film even though it is far from perfect. If it is at times a failure then it is at least a noble one, and I would much rather watch a noble failure than a great film made for strictly commercial reasons. Coppola's film is a tribute to artistic perseverance, integrity and finally family. Nastassja was a part of that family for a while and who knows perhaps one day she will be again.


cinebeats said...

Thanks for sharing all this great material from One From the Heart! Even though I"ve never seen the film myself I'm sure I'll be returning to your posts once I do and it will only enrich my enjoyment of the film.

I can just add that Nastassja is so cute with short hair? I look forward to your future posts about Cat People which is a movie I happen to love.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Kimberly,
Hope you enjoy "One From The Heart" when you see it.
I'll be starting the "Cat People" posts either Sunday afteroon or Monday morning...hope you find them interesting...thanks again