Monday, September 10, 2007

Kinski On Letterman

One of the most fascinating, misunderstood and incredible moments in Nastassja's career came when she stopped by David Letterman's show in December of 1982 to promote EXPOSED. Nastassja had apparently just come from shooting a layout for Interview magazine which explains her rather wild hair, and this talk is one of the most entertaining and strangely beguiling things I have ever seen. I really miss the days when late night talk show hosts would feature interviews so long and detailed as the original interview goes on for well over twenty minutes. Letterman seems simultaneously enchanted, confused, and near bewildered by Kinski, who is downright surreal and completely unforgettable.
Kinski speaks honestly on not only EXPOSED but her career up to that point. She talks on her disappointment about not getting to do Milos Foreman's RAGTIME and even talks some on her brilliant but difficult father Klaus. Other topics include the Avedon shoot, comparisons to older stars and Roman Polanski's legal troubles.
Nastassja comes across as super intelligent, inquisitive, eccentric and ultimately very charming.
Rumors have circulated about this show for years. Some have commented on Nastassja's supposed state, while others have misquoted the actual transcript and some have even reported she stormed off in tears. All I can say is that the interview I see is with a very sober and complicated young woman who is positively Dylanesque in the way she handles Letterman and the questions he is sending her way. Television is rarely as memorable as it is in this clip, and actors are rarely as fascinating as she is here.
A small section of this strange and iconic television moment is on YouTube. If I ever have the ability to upload videos online, the full interview will be the first thing I do.

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Michel Couzijn said...

Please do post the full interview, if you have that. From the small part that is now on YouTube, many get the wrong impression that Nastassja is either stoned, or intimidated, or both. I don't believe a thing of that, and have the impression that this is a well-arranged and indeed unforgettable performance. I'd love to see the rest of the interview. You probably know that YouTube clips cannot be longer than 10 minutes, so you will need to cut the interview in two parts. Thanks for posting!