Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jean-Jacques Beineix on The Moon In The Gutter

The following quotes are from various publications around the time that THE MOON IN THE GUTTER came out. They are available, along with many others, in the valuable book JEAN-JACQUES BEINEIX by Phil Powrie. It is a really fine look at Beineix's fascinating career and is highly recommended.

"The only thing I owe to Coppola is Nastassja Kinski. I knew her from the Polanski film, but when I saw her in ONE FROM THE HEART I had a stroke of the heart."

"It is a totally negative story, very black, it was a dark journey with flashes of light, shimmers, is the myth of the Femme Fatale at its purest...In short, lots of things that affect the unconscious."

"I sought to make the real a bit unreal and vice-versa so as to place the whole thing halfway between dream and reality."

"The camera should convey internal agitation, stress, expectation."

"The entire film is an attempt to stop time. Man is an eternal moment in time, and the way one experiences the intensity of life makes time pass either quickly or slowly. This is what an artist does-freezes a moment in time and explores it."

"Absolutely everything appears crucial, dramatic, tragic; the smallest gesture, the slightest look, the smallest movements of the camera."

"I couldn't give a shit about truth."

"I asked myself what the essence of cinema was, what was the language of the image. I sought another dimension of this language. The cinema is not necessarily at the service of a story, in other words chronology and reality; it is perhaps also at the service of matter."

"By accumulating realist, even hyper realist elements, you end up escaping from reality."

"The depths of the night correspond to the depths of the unconscious."

Powrie's fine 2001 study of Beineix is available from Manchester University Press as a part of their FRENCH FILM DIRECTORS series

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