Sunday, November 4, 2007

Odds and Ends: Unfaithfully Yours

The original version of UNFAITHFULLY YOURS is available on a fine Criterion dvd. As for Nastassja's remake...everything from press books, to different poster designs, to crew jackets can be found. A soundtrack was unfortunately never released, but Stephen Bishop's theme song is pretty easy to find.

While not as brilliant as the original film, the remake of UNFAITHFULLY YOURS is a fine comedy from the eighties that is among the easiest of Nastassja's films to see. It is a shame that it didn't do better upon initial release, but thankfully it has always fared well on video.

I will begin my look at one of Nastassja's most resonate, and satisfying, films next...Tony Richardson's great THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE.

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