Monday, November 26, 2007

Robby Muller: Shooting Kinski Again

PARIS, TEXAS marked the second time that Nastassja was photographed by the legendary Robby Muller. My original article on Muller can be found here at this link, for those interested. PARIS, TEXAS marks a career high point for pretty much everyone working on it, and that is certainly true of Muller. His work on this film is extraordinary, and his films for Wenders remains some of the most iconic in the history of cinema.

More information on Muller can be found at the following links:
For basic information on his phenomenal career, please look at his IMDB listing.
Movie Express has a great 1993 interview with Muller where he speaks on PARIS, TEXAS as well as many of his other works.
Click here for information about a recent award Robby received from the Netherlands Film Festival.
Finally, BFI has another extraordinary interview with Muller that is a must read as well.

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