Thursday, November 15, 2007

Soundtrack #7: The Hotel New Hampshire (Jacques Offenbach)

I have unfortunately never been able to track down the soundtrack of THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE so I can't really comment on it. I can say though that the music Tony Richardson chose for the film, by French composer Jacques Offenbach, is extraordinary so I can imagine the album is a very rewarding listen.
Apparently the lp is fairly rare here in the States. There are a few listings for it on Ebay, but that is all. Even the usually reliable soundtrack collector site has very little information on it. This small low quality shot of its cover is the only one I could find online as well.

I hope to get a copy of the album someday and post more thoughts on it. The music is lovely though, and Richardson uses it very well in his film.

Here are a couple of links connected to Offenbach and the soundtrack that might be of interest.

Wikipedia has a fairly detailed look at him, as well as some outside links.

And here is one of the Ebay listings that has some information on the soundtrack.

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