Friday, December 14, 2007

Odds And Ends: Paris, Texas

PARIS, TEXAS, alongside TESS, would provide Nastassja the best reviews of her career. It would also re team her for the second of three times with the man who first directed her, Wim Wenders, and it remains among the greatest films she ever appeared in.
Her long scene with Harry Dean Stanton towards the end of this film is my all time favorite, with the long close up of her face being my favorite particular shot. I hope everyone has enjoyed my small look at it here, and will accept my apologies for not writing a full review for it yet. I am just feeling a bit too close to the film right now to really write on it. I will return to it eventually and do a full write up on the film.

PARIS, TEXAS and the film that I will be covering next, MARIA'S LOVERS, would close the most famous part of Nastassja Kinski's career. The disastrous REVOLUTION would effectively end her time in the States for several years, and in a way it is this period of her career where she went back to Europe that I look forward to covering the most. It is the most underwritten about and produced some of her best work.
For now though, it will be MARIA'S LOVERS...a film that is in its own way as powerful and as effective as TESS, MOON IN THE GUTTER or PARIS, TEXAS. I hope everyone will enjoy my upcoming look at it.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I remember when Revolution came out. That was truly a disaster. Pacino even took a hiatus for a few years before he made his return. I am interested in seeing more of Nastassja's European films.

Jeremy Richey said...

Yea, REVOLUTION was unfortunate. She at least did get along well with Al and I will be sharing some qoutes by her on him...