Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nastassja On Maria's Lovers

Unfortunately there are not a lot of quotes by Nastassja that I have been able to locate on MARIA'S LOVERS. However, here are two focused mostly on her co-star Robert MItchum that I was happy to find.

"Ah! Awesome! You know? He's one of those people who you think you will never meet-certain stars, certain actors. You just don't think they're real! He's always haunted me. He's one of those people who have been haunting me since I was little and I always watch his movies. But to meet him-and to look for the first time into his eyes!
I remember our first scene together, when I looked into his eyes, and it was...inexplicable. I felt everything just dissolve until there was nothing but those eyes!
He gave such a lot to me too. I remember the second scene we did. I was nervous and I kept screwing up and we had to keep doing it, again and again, but still he stayed there giving me his strength and patience. You know some actors wouldn't do that, but he gives so much. In the beginning he appears as if he doesn't give a damn, and then he sits down. And once he's with you, he's really with you."

"First of all, I really admired him, but I didn't know him. He didn't talk much. You could tell he needed time to warm up. But Robert was extremely helpful to me and told me things, which I wrote down, and of course, I sat and listened to his stories and just loved to be there. Then he gave me a little ivory elephant-I think it was an antique-with a chain at the tail and a teeny little baby elephant attached. In the story of MARIA'S LOVERS the son comes home after the war and tries to have a baby with my character Maria, but they can't have a baby. Robert said the baby elephant was the little baby. And right after the film I had my first baby."

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