Monday, June 9, 2008

Soundtrack: Night Sun by Nicola Piovani

The admittedly uneven Night Sun does at least contain a winning soundtrack courtesy of one of the most legendary of all Italian Film Composers, Nicola Piovani. Nicola's score for Night Sun doesn't rank among his best but it is still a worthwhile addition to his canon and copies of the import soundtrack are well worth searching down for fans of the composer's and Nastassja.
Born in the summer of 1946 in Rome, Piovani became interested in music at a very young age and by the time he reached his late teens he was studying at the distinguished Verdi Conservatory in Milan. After graduating from there, Piovani began shopping around compositions that already showed him as a supremely talented and gifted individual.
His first film, 1970's The Tin Girl, came less than three years after he graduated from the Verdi Conservatory. He would fairly quickly become one of the most in demand film composers in Italy, although ridiculous rumors surrounded him for years that he was actually Ennio Morricone using a pseudonym.
Piovani scored film after film throughout the seventies and eighties, with some of his greatest work coming in the thriller genre with the likes of A Perfume of a Lady In Black and Le Orme contain some of his key work. He also worked with some of Italy's most respected auteur's, including Marco Bellochio and Federico Fellini, and it would indeed be his work Fellini, for Ginger and Fred, that would garner him the first of his many Italian Academy Awards and would signal him as an art house favorite.
Piovani had previously worked with the Taviani Brothers before Night Sun on their well received The Night Of The Shooting Stars. He also scored their films Kaos, Good Morning Babylon, and Fiorile which marked him as the composer the controversial filmmaking team he has worked with the most.
Night Sun is a powerful and quite lovely score although it isn't the equal to Piovani's work The Night of The Shooting Stars. It does at least elevate a film that falls fall short of The Taviani's best work and it remains one of the most noteworthy aspects of it.
Piovani finally won an Oscar in 1997 for Life Is Beautiful and he continues to score to this day. With already an impressive hundred plus scores under his belt, the remarkable Nicola Piovani remains one of the most important figures in Italian cinema. His official site can be visited here.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I do remember him mostly from his work in thrillers. I always loved his scores.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith...His score for Perfume of a Lady In Black is one of my all time favs...