Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nastassja on Faraway, So Close

Faraway So Close 1
"I'm truly lucky that Wenders saw and believed in me, and truly lucky to have worked with him three times."
Faraway So Close 2
"I often feel with God and humans and angels that it's up to us to make something or to break it, to do things or not to do them. The angels in Faraway, So Close are observers, and they are frustrated because they can't do anything: they can be there, they can soothe, they can speak to people's souls and hearts, but they can't prevent things from happening unless they become human. So their role is kind of a sad one. They say to humans, 'You think we're far away but we're really close. We are nothing, and you are everything to us, and everything's in your power.' I could really understand this-I've always thought it was that way. Faith is important, and yet it's here on earth with each other that we have to do our best."
-to Sheila Benson in Interview, 1993-
Faraway So Close 3
"Wenders was always nice, very calm, steady. He created a family atmosphere, everything I wanted."
-To Suzie MacKenzie in The Guardian, 1999-
Faraway So Close 4


The King Of Cool said...

She is as beautiful as an angel.

Jeremy Richey said...

Isn't she...many more screenshots coming.