Monday, June 18, 2007

Critical Reactions #1 (The Wrong Move)

I will be looking at some past and present critical reactions for every one of Nastassja's films on this blog. Here are a sampling of opinions on Wenders THE WRONG MOVE, some of which are very positive and some extremely negative. Unfortunately at this point in her career, and due to her small role, Nastassja is rarely mentioned.

"The movie deals in heightened experience through vivid colors and in the amplification of small uncommonly beautiful film. Also fine are Mr. Blech, Miss Kinski and the incomparable Hanna Schygulla...another fascinating reminder of the very original work being done these days by Mr. Wenders and his German colleagues." -Vincent Canby, New York Times-

"The Kinski girl is not recognizable from her more recent outing in an Italian film...picture's chief weakness is it's choice of a dullard writer hero who may achieve something in the distant future...but he is at a total loss in the here and now." -Archer Winsten, New York Post-

"Wender's strengths are tantalisingly in evidence: the highly charged road sequences, the meditative use of landscape, and the tensions beneath apparently desultory encounters." -Time Out-

"Everyone wants to be an artist, but no one has anything to say. The wrong moves are geographical, historical, social and aesthetic. It is Wender's most dour film, and the grim tone takes its toll. There is, though, a solid and disturbing talent at work here." -Dave Kehr-

"Wenders elucidates his views on the condition of postwar Germany, the hopes, fears, disappointments and frustrations of its inhabitants. Despite the sententiousness of the idea, there's a strong emotional kick to the stories of these emblematic characters." -Channel 4 Film-

"Pointless and interminable...Filled to the brim with dialogue and voice over narration that generally comes off laughable...stereotypically self indulgent foreign flick. But the bottom line is that WRONG MOVE, virtually from start to finish is just dull...exasperating piece of work." -Reel Film Reviews- (I must add a note here on how much these people hate Wenders as later they actually call LIGHTENING OVER WATER one of the worst films ever made)

"The movie's West Germany aches from an inability to deal with the past (with a nation's own wrong moves)...the filmmaker stages the narrative's progression as a series of clarifications visualized-extraordinarily expressed in Robby Muller's lengthy tracking shots...the film nevertheless shares their sense of discovery and need to connect and, ultimately, to feel." -Fernando F. Croce-

I think looking at these reviews is most interesting, I would argue that the most important films are typically the ones that cause the biggest disagreements and THE WRONG MOVE definitely has always done that. I found Mr. Croce's review to be among the most insightful with the Reel film review to be among the most vacant.

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