Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Paris, Texas Region 1 DVD Discontinued

While working on some research for this multi-post tribute to PARIS, TEXAS I came across this link that said the Region 1 DVD has been discontinued. I checked a few retail online sites and it does appear that this modern classic is no longer available. So for anyone who might have been holding off getting this disc, now is the time before the used prices get astronomical.
Fox's DVD of PARIS, TEXAS was a real steal as it originally retailed for around ten dollars and features a fairly sharp transfer, an audio commentary from Wenders, outtakes, and footage of Nastassja Kinski at Cannes.
I find it really disheartening that one of my all time favorite films is currently not available for new people to discover. Hopefully Fox will eventually re-release it or at the very least license it out to another company like Anchor Bay or even Criterion.


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