Saturday, June 23, 2007

Odds and Ends #2 (To The Devil A Daughter)

Nastassja's second film was very loosely based on writer Dennis Wheatley's 1958 novel TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER. Wheatley reportedly hated the film adaptation which in its final form had very little to do with his book. For an exhaustive and interesting guide to Wheatley's world I would recommend
TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER, the novel, is still in print and it makes for a most interesting read.

Unfortunately it seems as though there was never a proper soundtrack for TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER released. One of Paul Glass' musical cues is available on the fine HAMMER FILM MUSIC COLLECTION VOLUME 2. I hope that some more of the film's music appears someday.

TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER received a great deal of promotion upon its release and a large amount of international lobby cards, pressbooks and different poster designs can be found. I am especially fond of the original U.S. one sheet, with its striking shot of Nastassja, and that along with some other designs can be seen below in my review of the film.

There are many books, fanzines and magazines that have been dedicated to Hammer horror and those interested in the film are advised to search these out. is probably a pretty good place to start.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I read some Wheatley novels back years ago. I'll have to dig around to see what I can come across again. I did always love the music used in the Hammer films.

Jeremy Richey said...

The Hammer music was great...I do wish more of the complete soundtracks were available.