Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wim Wenders On Paris, Texas

A bit later this evening I will be posting vintage scans from Sight and Sound, American Cinematographer and Film Comment that all have valuable input from director Wim Wender's on PARIS, TEXAS. In the meantime here are a handful of interesting quotes from the great man taken from the essential THE CINEMA OF WIM WENDERS: THE CELLULOID HIGHWAY and THE FILMS OF WIM WENDERS: CINEMA AS VISION AND DESIRE. Both books are highly recommended for fans of Wenders or cinema in general.

"I've made quite a number of films that were more concerned with reflecting themselves than reflecting anything that exists apart from movies."

"In order to be able to visualize the free space in the middle you need walls...Either I learned from this film to reject its thesis about the impossibility of stories, or I have no real future as a film maker. That's why I tried to follow the script strictly in PARIS, TEXAS."

"It seemed easier for me to begin with male relationships...but (I needed) to take a step forward and start telling stories about men and women. But I don't want to tell them in an accustomed way; that tradition is so false...especially where the women are concerned. It's very rare for women to be portrayed well in cinema. Only a few directors have managed it, Antonioni is one of them."

"I learned that stories really do exist without us. They're like a river and the film is a boat...then I ventured out into the middle of this river. That was PARIS, TEXAS. Once one has completely surrender to this flow, the flow of storytelling, one gets to the sea. I've been looking for this experience over and over again."

Information on other Wenders related books can be found here and here.

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