Friday, July 6, 2007

Odds and Ends #4 (Passion Flower Hotel)

I am having to, hopefully for the last time for awhile, dispense with the critical reaction section as once again I am having trouble locating too many quality reviews of PASSION FLOWER HOTEL. Needless to say, the critics that did bother to review it at the time, and since, have never been too favorable.
Along with the soundtrack album, which I have already looked at, there is some minor material that can be found that ties in with PASSION FLOWER HOTEL. The usual number of worldwide lobby cards and poster designs are available, including the atrocious looking original U.S. one sheet (which was also used for the old VHS version).
Copies of the original book, credited to a Rosalind Erskin, can still be found used as well as the sequel that was written years later.
Much like FOR YOUR LOVE ONLY, PASSION FLOWER HOTEL did very little for Nastassja outside of getting her more and more known. Everything was getting ready to change though as her next film would get worldwide attention and garner her the best reviews of her very young career up to that point.

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