Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shooting Kinski #3 The Magazine Years (Part 1)

I decided with this installment of 'Shooting Kinski' that I wouldn't focus on a particular cinematographer since I didn't find the work done for Nastassja in FOR YOUR LOVE ONLY to be very satisfying. Instead I thought I would post a bit on a phase of Nastassja's career that pushed her further into the spotlight but is often overlooked.
Around the time of FOR YOUR LOVE ONLY, and as Nastassja's fame in Germany began to increase, she began appearing in many German magazines as a model. There are hundreds upon hundreds of various shots of Nastassja from this period in the late seventies that were taken by various photographers for German film and men's magazines. Some are very provocative, some quite innocent but they are all manage to capture Nastassja at a particular moment before her international career really took off.

Here are a few samples from the period, a google or yahoo search will bring up many more for those interested and various magazines featuring Nastassja often pop up on Ebay.

Nastassja would continue to model in between film projects throughout her career and I will occasionally be posting some shots of her from various publications as the blog goes along.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

I love the cover picture of her on Hayat. That's a great shot of her. You know I actually think the first time I saw a picture of her was in some sort of men's magazine. My dad and uncle would keep all sorts of men's mags hidden, but us boys would always find them. I can't remember as a boy if it was Celebrity Skin or whatever other mag I first saw her in. I thought she was so beautiful whatever mag it was.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith for the comment...that is cool that you remember the first time you saw her. I know that is something has always stuck with me...thanks again