Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Odds and Ends #1 (The Wrong Move)

There are several books and a couple of cds that can be found in connection with Kinski's first film, THE WRONG MOVE. The original novel "Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship" by Goethe is easy to find used and is still in print. While the film was a very loose adaption and modern updating of Goethe's work, it is still a valuable companion to the film.
Also highly recommended are any number of books available on Wenders and his films. Since Nastassja has made three films with Wenders and they have maintained a close relationship, fans are advised to seek out any of these guides with "Wim Wenders On Film: Essays and Conversations" being a particularly good read.
Finally, while there has never been a complete soundtrack of the film's striking score by Jurgen Kneiper, various cues can be found on two Wenders cd compilations. These are "Wim Wenders RoadMusic" and "Wim Wenders FilmMusic", both of these collections feature some of Kneiper's music and are highly recommended. Unfortunately they are both out of print and are not easy to find reasonably priced. Hopefully Kneiper's fine score will resurface again someday as it remains extremely memorable.

I will next be looking at Nastassja's second film, the Hammer production TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER. Nastassja had a much larger role in this film and more material is available on it so be looking for several posts on it throughout the next few days.

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