Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nastassja On Tess

To wrap things up on TESS I thought I would offer up some quotes by Nastassja on the film and Polanski. I apologize for not having the exact source for these as many of my articles are cut out and I didn’t have the foresight to note the exact publication and date. These all appeared in a variety of interviews ranging from 1981 to around 1996.

“I’ve always dreamed of being a person like her. She’s not spoiled by the society she moves through. She still stays untouched. She goes through everything for love.”

“By the time we made the film, (Polanski and I) were no longer together but our relationship was still so close. We hardly talked on the film because each of us understood so well what the other wanted.”

“I understand Polanski, I know him so well. He’s had to struggle so hard to survive terrible times in his life. Anybody who lives on with all that strength in them, with hope and enthusiasm that keeps them working to finally find happiness, I totally look up to. I totally adore him. If I didn’t see him for 20, 30 years, I’d have that in my heart...He gave me a tremendous opportunity and so much respect and trust while being very strict. I was terrified, but I was so grateful, because I hadn’t gotten very much respect before, or in my childhood, or very much afterwards either.”

“Polanski took a lot of time, two years, preparing me for that film.”

“Roman came along and gave me TESS, it was like…it gave me such dignity, you know what I mean? He would be very strict with me and send me to school. And then when we did the movie he said, ‘I really want you to do this for me, because I wanted to do it for my wife and it means so much to me. But the only way you can do the film is to show you’ll learn the accent, So I’m going to send you to England for four, five, six months and when you come back we’ll do the test.’ He gave me a lot of respect. It was all very serious. He was a very severe person, in the best sense.”

“Polanski introduced me to beautiful books, plays and movies…that period meant so much to me. No other film will ever mean so much. It was on that film that I went through the biggest change, a discovery of myself, of love and life. TESS was my jewell, a wonderful time…it was so beautiful and worth leaving everything behind to start a new life. TESS changed my whole attitude, my passion for acting really began there.”

“I’ve changed so much with this part…Tess is such a rich complex character…you find yourself taking on her patience and strength and courage…I’ve always dreamed of being a person like her.”

“He never spoke of the murder of his wife nor of the jail sentence he fled. I will say though that certain segments of the American society are very hypocritical….TESS was very special. It was the story, the character, and especially being in the country. I’m a country person. Also, I felt protected by Roman the first time.”

“One day he told me about a book and he gave it to me to read. And I read it and I loved it. It was TESS….Roman is a true poet. He is very cruel sometimes too. He just wants the inner part of you. He is every character in the movie. He is Tess and Angel and the countryside and everything…TESS is about the evilness of a mass people. It is the story of how laws and society can only destroy the purest people, how the truest and purest are trapped by the spiders…Tess is much deeper than revenge. She is always the same, knowing she would die again and again for the same thing. TESS was my first real confrontation with myself, my own thoughts and feelings…the book became like a drug to me. TESS is the best thing I’ve ever done, not in terms of performance maybe, but the purest and the most beautiful thing.”


Rogue Spy 007 said...

Cool quotes from Nastassja on Tess. It's interesting to read her perspective on such an outstanding role for a young actress like herself.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith,
I think it is important to get her perspective and the film obviously meant, and continues to mean, a lot to her...thanks for commenting