Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Odds And Ends: The Hotel New Hampshire

" touched something deep...What is reality and what Susie sees about herself are two different things. Something melts inside Susie so she can take off the bear suit. This happened to me. There is a beauty about myself that I never saw, or I rejected, until recently."
-Nastassja Kinski in The Washington Post-

Outside of the above quote I have not been able to find Nastassja speaking on THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE. Essential though are the two interviews she did with her Co-Star Jodie Foster for Interview magazine around the time of the film's release. I would scan them here but unfortunately my copies are of poor quality and are not scanable.
The usual amount of press material can be found on the film, but I have been unable to find to many varying poster designs. It seems that the group shot, and the shot of the bear were the main ones used to market the film. I will post more in the future if I am able to track any down.
I think THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE is flawed but undervauled film, that deserves a second look. Like many films Nastassja made in this period, I don't think it warrented the critical pounding it took.
Nastassja would follow up THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE with PARIS, TEXAS and MARIA'S LOVERS, two of her greatest, and most well received films. My look at my favorite Nastassja Kinski film will begin shortly.

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