Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nastassja On Wenders, Paris Texas and Some More Favorites

Even though PARIS, TEXAS is the finest film Nastassja ever made (although an argument can be made for TESS) it is very hard finding quotes by her about it. There is a pretty logical reason for this, as she had her first child shortly after the production wrapped so she didn't give the same number of interviews she had on her other films.
I did manage to find the rare French clipping above which isn't directly related to PARIS, TEXAS but it was made around the same time. It is basically Nastassja naming many of her favorite things, and I hope it is of some interest. Nastassja has been very forthcoming about people she admires over the years, and I plan on compiling a list at some point for here.
Below are two quotes focusing on Wim Wenders that Nastassja gave to interviewers that I think shows that he is among her favorite filmmakers and people. If I can manage to come across any more quotes by her on the film in the future, I will post them.

"I look back at my life then...and I feel how lucky I was to encounter certain people and have the chance to get to away from where I make my own life, build it from scratch. It's thanks to people who believed in me and helped me-like Wim, like Roman Polanski, like Francis Coppola..."

"I remember when Wim and his wife asked me to do WRONG MOVEMENT. Wim was so calm, he was almost slow motion-he's less so now than he was then-and I thought that was so different and so nice. He was imaginative when he spoke to us, and everyone really go along...he treated me with a lot of respect, and Hanna Schygulla was like that too. They created an atmosphere that was like a nest for me, very very warm. I felt Wim really cared. We didn't speak much in the next few years, but when he told me the story about this character in PARIS TEXAS who had a child and how her relationship with her husband had fallen apart, it really touched me, because I had my baby growing inside of me. Wim said, 'I want you for this role because I fell we really know each other. I know you're waiting for your baby, and it's a special moment for you.' I'm truly lucky that he saw me and believed in me and truly lucky to have worked with him three times..."

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