Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soundtrack: The Blonde (Jurgen Kneiper)

Nastassja Kinski
The Blonde, one of the best films Nastassja made in the nineties, features one of the most compelling scores to grace one of her works from the second half of her career. Scored by sometimes Wim Wenders collaborator Jurgen Kneiper, the music for The Blonde is well worth searching out and compliments this undervalued little film incredibly well.
Born in war torn Germany in 1941, award winning composer Jurgen Kneiper came into a very fractured world and his remarkable music, even at its most life affirming, always has at least a hint of melancholic damage about it.
Most often associated with Wem Wenders (he indeed scored Nastassja's debut film The Wrong Move), Kneiper has also contributed scores for many other top filmmakers including Uli Edel (the astounding Christiane F.) and Walter Salles (Exposure). Kneiper's music always brings an extra dimension to the films his work graces and it is impossible to imagine them without his resonate melodies.
It is indeed the Wenders' films he is most known for and the best of his many scores for the legendary German director (The American Friend, Wings of Desire) rank along with the scores Popol Vuh delivered for Werner Herzog as the best in modern German cinema. They are astoundingly soulful works and while The Blonde doesn't contain any of the greatest pieces of Kneiper's compositions it is still a valuable addition to an iconic canon and should be more readily available.
The award winning Kneiper continues to score to this day and he remains one of the most important modern film composers in German cinema. The 28 minute The Blonde soundtrack was released on CD in Europe but is not easy to track down. More information on Kneiper can be found here.

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