Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nastassja on Film 1996-1997

Around the time of her stirring comeback in Mike Figgis' 1997 production One Night Stand, Nastassja appeared in a handful of films in mostly smaller roles. As none of these works are among her stronger work, I thought I would group the lesser of them together in this post.

Somebody is Waiting (1996): An extremely flawed if well meaning production from first time director Martin Donovan has Nastassja billed second to star Gabriel Byrne, but her role is smaller than might be expected. Donovan, best known for his terrific work with Hal Hartley, is a wonderful actor but his direction is a bit limp in this film. Nastassja is fine considering the material, and the film is worth a look although it is far from being a successful production.

Father's Day (1997): Ivan Reitman has made some truly wonderful films in his career, including the classic Stripes, but this comedy starring Billy Crystal and Robin Williams is just dreadful. Nastassja is all but wasted, as is the rest of the talented cast, in this extremely lame and unfunny family comedy that was a big disappointment when it hit and disappeared from theaters in the early part of 97. Everyone really deserved better...

Little Boy Blue (1997): An interesting film and the best, outside of One Night Stand, from 97. A full post will be coming on this work in the near future.

Bella Mafia (1997): A so-so high profile television film that is blessed with a truly extraordinary cast including Nastassja, Vanessa Redgrave and Jennifer Tilly. It's fine for what it is but it hardly invites a second viewing and it finally just feels like 'gangster-lite'.

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octopusmagnificens said...

Last week I saw for the first time One Night Stand. Good movie with a very nice ending.