Thursday, January 3, 2008

Soundtrack #9: Maria's Lovers (Gary Remal)

The MARIA'S LOVERS soundtrack by Gary Remal Malkin is extremely hard to find. I am afraid it has always alluded me so I won't be able to post a review for it. His music in the film is quite striking, specifically the love theme that repeats several times throughout, and is used in a spare and effective way. I will post a full review on the album here in the future if I can ever manage to get my hands on it.
The song, MARIA'S EYES, featured in the film was actually written by co-star Keith Carradine (who supplied the lyrics) and director Andrei Konchalovsky (who supplied the music). It is a simple but haunting track that works perfectly well in the context of the film, and it fits its setting very well. The song is a available on the album, and I believe (although I could be mistaken) that a single was released as well.

For an interview with Remal, please visit here.

To see more information on him, may I recommend this link.

For information on the rare soundtrack, please look at this page.

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